ISP Transit

WIOCC’s ISP Transit service is designed especially for ISPs, offering IP connectivity to the global internet content through WIOCC’s entire BGP routing table. This is achieved via WIOCC’s partnerships with Tier-1 operators and private and public transit-free peering agreements with major global and African IP networks, both on a national and international level.

WIOCC’s extensive high-speed, self-healing network operates on both east and west Africa paths, offering protection against IP traffic loss in the event of an underlying transmission failure.

WIOCC can provide Ethernet capacities from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps.

  •  Broad service availability:

    ⦁ directly from our IP PoP locations
    ⦁ from any Metro Connect location

  •  WIOCC IP network benefits:

    ⦁ efficient – access to the entire global Internet BGP routing table via a single AS
    ⦁ optimised – approx. 60% of traffic on WIOCC’s IP network is achieved through peering
    ⦁ protected – WIOCC’s underlying IP network is designed with east / west ring protection (NB. protection for is provided on a ‘best efforts’ basis)
    ⦁ high-performance – WIOCC’s service is delivered with minimal contention
    ⦁ state-of-the-art – support for IPv6 and IPv4
    ⦁ regional routing efficiency and resiliency – traffic is routed locally where possible and not ‘tromboned’ through other central locations

  • Quick delivery:

    ⦁ On-Net service: 35 days
    ⦁ Off-Net service: subject to suppliers’ lead time commitments

  • Contract term flexibility to meet specific business needs and financial models:

    ⦁ one-year
    ⦁ multi-year