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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

WIOCC: supporting South Africa’s digital transformation

Specialist education sector ISP TENET has taken full advantage of WIOCC’s recently-extended hyperscale network, upgrading its capabilities to provide reliable and easily-scalable capacity to the country’s major universities and research facilities.

“We provided TENET with a tailored connectivity solution between Mtunzini and Cape Town via Johannesburg, along our National Long Distance hyperscale network. Cutting through the major provinces in the country, our network routing provides diverse options that help TENET get even nearer to institutions’ end-locations,” explained Hitesh Desai, WIOCC’s Director Sales – Southern Africa.

He continued: “As their upstream provider, we have been working closely with TENET to ensure they have the capacity they need to support the unanticipated and rapid rise in demand for online learning since Covid-19. By helping our partners deliver hyperscale connectivity to the education community, financial institutions, rural and underserved areas, we are playing a fundamental part in facilitating South Africa’s digital communications.”

WIOCC is building Africa’s hyperscale infrastructure to enable cost-efficient delivery of the resilient, scalable capacity underpinning construction of a reliable, sustainable ecosystem for Africa’s digital transformation.

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