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Cloud Operators and Content Providers

With cloud operators and content providers increasingly looking to extend their influence and capability in Africa, WIOCC’s strategic investment in diverse, high-capacity subsea and terrestrial connectivity – particularly into the key bridgehead markets of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria – has a vital part to play in delivering the assured, scalable connectivity they require. WIOCC’s ability to extend network reach into many other African countries is also an important factor in its selection as a strategic partner to such organisations.

We invest significant time and resources in working closely with each client to understand their precise needs, aspirations and constraints. These may include extending their reach into major markets; access to data centre services; assured future-proofing of bandwidth demand; one-stop-shop solutions; customisation – all presented in a commercial package that meets their business needs.

We then draw upon our depth of experience, expertise, unique network and breadth of services and partnership to develop bespoke solutions that precisely meet their specific requirements.

We are proud to be serving some of the world’s leading players in this market.