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West Africa


WIOCC is an award-winning, pan-African wholesale supplier of carrier-scale, international connectivity, with an 11-year track record of investment in building Africa’s first, truly hyperscale network infrastructure.

In West Africa, we deliver client connectivity into and between multiple countries through our partnerships with local operators and our strategic investment in the WACS submarine cable which lands in DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

Our most recent investment in the region is in the state-of-the-art Equiano (Google) subsea cable, with WIOCC chosen as Google’s landing partner in Lagos.  Equiano will become a critical element in meeting Nigeria’s current and future international connectivity demands, establishing a valuable new high-capacity connection between the African continent and Europe.

Investment in capacity on other cable systems serving the region enables us to tailor more resilient solutions for clients with the most demanding uptime requirements. We have deployed our own resilient, high-capacity fibre infrastructure in Nigeria to interconnect the subsea cable landing stations and major carrier Points of Presence, and we are continuing to expand this network to interconnect key cities throughout the country.

With the ability to efficiently deliver hyperscale capacity circuits of 100Gbps and more, and an extensive investment programme to develop our pan-African capability even further, we are the natural partner for cloud operators, content providers, fixed and mobile telcos and ISPs looking to take advantage of the opportunities in this strategically important region of Africa, and beyond.

Benefits of partnering with us in West Africa:

  • No competition for enterprise/end-user clients – WIOCC is wholesale only
  • High uptime – with a unique, diversity-rich, high-redundancy network
  • Futureproofs your growth with highly-scalable infrastructure
  • Competitive pricing
  • Responsive support from our local team and 24/7 Client Champions
  • Bespoke technical and commercial solutions – tailored to meet your specific needs in West Africa & beyond
  • A full one-stop-shop solution, simplifying procurement and management of international connectivity services
  • Flexible and dynamic – solutions to meet rapidly evolving market conditions

If you are looking to extend your connectivity and capabilities into or within West Africa, get in touch with us.

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Tailored solutions precisely meet our clients’ needs

We work hard to understand fully the needs of each client, then draw upon our depth of experience, expertise, unique network and breadth of service options to develop bespoke solutions that precisely meet their requirements.


    WIOCC is a very valuable asset to the Suburban Fiber Company and our sister company Legend Internet. WIOCC enables us to provide our commercial (enterprise) and domestic (FTTH) customers in West Africa with competitively-priced, reliable, high-quality, ultra-high-speed access to the internet. Our business relationship with WIOCC has evolved over the years and we now enjoy a valuable, more strategic, partnership-style approach with it. WIOCC really understands our businesses and the markets in which we operate, and has the willingness, capacity and agility to quickly adapt its services to meet our dynamic needs.  

    Bruce Ayonote – Chief Executive Officer Suburban Fiber Company Limited and Legend Internet

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