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WIOCC is Africa’s leading supplier of resilient, end-to-end managed, wholesale connectivity solutions into, out of and within Africa.

We have revolutionised the delivery of high-capacity connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world and are currently building Africa’s first, truly hyperscale network infrastructure to ensure cloud operators, content providers, fixed and mobile telcos, ISPs and other operators can take advantage of the many opportunities Africa has to offer – both now and in the future.

About us


Wiocc Offers Access to a Seamless Network

Wiocc Offers Access to A seamless Network

WIOCC Global Connectivity services deliver dedicated, managed, point-to-point connectivity between client sites, carrier Points of Presence (PoPs), data centres, internet exchanges and submarine cable landing stations across more than 550 locations in 30 African countries, and many more sites globally.

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