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What is WIOCC?

Formed in 2007 and operating exclusively as a wholesaler, WIOCC is Africa’s carriers’ carrier, revolutionising the delivery of high-capacity connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world. It provides tailored, end-to-end solutions between 30 African countries and key financial and commercial centres around the world.

Who are the shareholders in WIOCC?

WIOCC is jointly owned by African Capital Alliance (ACA), a leading African-focused investment firm, International Finance Corporation (IFC) the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries and 10 major African telcos, all leading operators in their respective markets:

African Capital Alliance
International Finance Corporation
BoFiNet, Botswana
ONATEL, Burundi
Djibouti Telecom, Djibouti
Telkom, Kenya
Lesotho Communications Authority, Lesotho
TMCEL, Mozambique
Dalkom Somalia, Somalia
Zantel, Tanzania
Uganda Telecom, Uganda
TelOne, Zimbabwe
Who does WIOCC sell connectivity solutions to?

WIOCC’s clients are African and international fixed-line and mobile operators, internet service providers, wireless internet service providers, infrastructure providers, cloud operators, content providers and governments.

What value do WIOCC’s shareholder relationships offer to my company?

WIOCC’s close relationship with its shareholders offers clients a number of unique benefits:

  • extended reach: WIOCC’s shareholder and partner networks interconnect over 1,000 locations across 30+ African countries using more than 75,000km of terrestrial fibre-optic network
  • seamless operations: WIOCC and its shareholders have integrated their operational processes – from solution design to in-service management – enabling the provision of truly seamless, end-to-end managed services across Africa
  • tailored solutions: WIOCC’s close commercial relationship with its shareholders facilitate the bundling of last mile, backhaul and international access into customised technical & commercial solutions
  • making things happen: WIOCC’s executive-level relationships with its shareholders ensure that, when necessary, things can get done quickly
  • market knowledge: through the shareholders, WIOCC clients are able to access expert in-country resources and knowledge