About Us

Operating exclusively as a wholesaler, WIOCC is revolutionising the delivery of high-capacity connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world. As a result, it is now widely recognised as Africa’s carriers’ carrier, offering a one stop-shop and end-to-end service between more than 30 African countries and the world’s key global financial and commercial centres. As a specialist in the wholesale market, WIOCC’s unique, flexible, bandwidth packages have been designed to enable carriers, mobile operators and internet service providers (ISPs) to take full advantage of Africa’s rapidly developing markets for fixed and mobile broadband and international corporate networking. WIOCC recognises that customers differ, and tailors many of its solutions to specific customer requirements.

“We’ve invested over US$200 million in submarine and terrestrial fibre over the past seven years, and we continue to invest heavily in our core network so that we remain truly carrier-scale and capable of supporting almost any conceivable capacity requirement.”

Chris Wood, WIOCC CEO