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IP Transit

Carrier-grade IP connectivity

IP Transit offers clients carrier-grade IP connectivity to global internet content. This high-quality, high-availability service, designed for use by cloud operators, content providers, fixed and mobile telcos, ISPs and other operators, can be extended to virtually any client location via WIOCC Global Connectivity services.


The service is implemented on WIOCC’s high-performance IP network infrastructure, which interconnects Africa with Europe, the Middle East and Asia, extending across large parts of sub-Saharan Africa via our partner and shareholder networks. The redundancy built into this network enables traffic to be protected – switching to an alternate path in the event of underlying transmission failure.

Our clients enjoy improved access to the global internet and benefit from enhanced network redundancy, through peering established at international internet exchange points in London, Marseille, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Our IP PoPs and peering in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa help serve regional content directly.

Solutions and Services

Premium Tailored Offerings

We understand that clients are all individual and that finding bespoke solutions for each depends on building long-term relationships.

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