WIOCC 2018 Events

WIOCC is your reliable partner of choice for Africa. Meet us at the following events in 2018 to discuss how we can support you in Africa. 

  Month  Event name  Details   
  January  PTC Conference  21st to 24th January, Honolulu, USA   
    Airtel Connect  30th January, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  February  Submarine Networks Europe  20th to 21st February, Hilton Tower bridge, London   
    Europe 2018 GCCM 14th & 15th February, London   
  March Capacity Middle East  6th to 8th March, Grand Hyatt, Dubai   
    TMT Finance  15th March, Cape Town, South Africa  
  April Global Peering Forum  10th to 13th, Seattle, Washington   
  May ITW Conference  6th to 9th May, Chicago, USA   
    Digital Data Congress  6th May, Chicago, USA   
    East AfricaCom  Radisson Blu, Nairobi, Kenya   
  June  DataCloud Europe 12th to 14th, Monaco, Europe  
  July West AfricaCom  10th to 11th, Dakar, Senegal   
    SubSea Connect 10th to 11th, Marseille   
  August African Peering and Interconnection Conference  21st to 23rd, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire   
  September Capacity Africa  5th to 6th, Kigali, Rwanda   
    European Peering Forum  17th to 19th, Greece, Europe  
    NigeriaCom  19th to 20th, Lagos, Nigeria   
    Submarine Newtork  24th to 26th, Singapore   
  October MyBroadband Conference  18th, Midrand, South Africa   
    Capacity Europe  23rd to 25th, London   
  November AfricaCom 13th to 15th, CapeTown, South Africa  
    UbuntuNet 1st & 2nd, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   
    GCCM Africa, 11th & 12th, CapeTown, South Africa  

To set up meetings at any of the above-mentioned events, please contact us at info@wiocc.net or marketing@wiocc.net