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Committed to helping clients grow their business in South Africa

WIOCC’s cloud operator, content provider, carriers, internet service provider (ISP) and mobile network operator (MNO) clients are already reaping the benefits from its 30 new PoPs along a 1700km, 16Tbps-ready hyperscale network extension between Cape Town and Durban.

“WIOCC has helped us grow our value proposition from a fibre infrastructure developer to a competitive backhaul connectivity provider in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape,” explained Giles Marshman, Director – Linteg Fibre.

He continued: “Not only has WIOCC brought us nearer to our end-customers’ locations but is also enabling us to cost-efficiently deliver multiple, multi-signal wavelengths to different customers over one high-capacity, easily-scalable service path. We now have the ability to deliver active fibre services to businesses and residential premises by aggregating multiple customer services on a single link. WIOCC’s ability to rapidly scale up capacity on-demand, over the same links, increases the utility of our network allowing us to effectively manage our operations. We’re already in the process of doubling our capacity just to keep up with demand from customers across KwaZulu-Natal.”

“Partnering with WIOCC has changed our business landscape forever,” said Giles. “We have the assurance of future-proofed connectivity over WIOCC’s extensive hyperscale network across South Africa, enabling us to meet our customers’ fast-rising demand and expand our business.

He added: “Our experience working with WIOCC has been nothing short of excellent. The people we work with there are friendly, knowledgeable and give us world-class support. WIOCC’s expert team focuses on understanding the individual client’s needs to tailor technical and commercial solutions that will help businesses meet their objectives.”

Send an email to to find out how you can benefit from WIOCC’s ongoing investments in its South African hyperscale network.

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