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Get more from your capacity provider while growing your business

OTTs, content players, carriers, mobile network operators, and ISPs already using WIOCC’s network in South Africa, and those who are yet to do so, now have access to a new 16Tbps OTN backbone following a multi-million dollar investment by the pan-African connectivity wholesaler to significantly expand its national hyperscale network.

Capacity, reach, and flexibility

The ongoing global pandemic has driven a very significant and rapid rise in demand for bandwidth, with many more South Africans now working from home and accessing services and applications in the cloud.

The use of bandwidth-hungry social media platforms is continuing to expand quickly, whilst personal online entertainment – video and music streaming applications and online gaming – is also growing.

The combined impact of these factors is that backbone capacity requirements are increasingly being measured in multiples of 100Gbps, not just the single- or small double-digit capacities of the recent past.

Other important capacity provision considerations include:

  • the vital importance of Metropolitan Networks and PoPs, which help to improve end-user experience by minimising latency and reducing service delivery timescales and costs
  • reliable connectivity to international internet hubs, and to financial and commercial centres around the world, through seamless links to international subsea cables
  • fast activation and rapid upgrades

Dynamic changes in end-user demands – such as those triggered recently by Covid-19 – highlight the competitive importance of working with a connectivity supplier for whom scalability and flexibility (both operational and commercial) are second nature, as these factors determine the ability of your business to respond quickly to and exploit (or mitigate against) change.

Take advantage of a unique connectivity proposition

WIOCC’s unique connectivity proposition offers service providers the ability to become more responsive to their customers’ needs by moving their traffic onto a flexible and scalable, hyperscale national network, with access to an extensive network of Metro PoPs and international connectivity to key global hubs:

  • a 16Tbps-ready hyperscale national network scaled for circuits up to 100Gbps, with more than 70 on-net PoPs in Jo’burg-Pretoria, Cape Town , Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and East London, and 30 national PoPs including a new fibre ring in the North-East region of South Africa with PoPs in Polokwane and Nelspruit
  • expanded metropolitan area coverage now including Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth
  • high-capacity international connectivity via east and west coast subsea cables

“For many years, WIOCC have provided high-speed fibre connectivity in our Metro core, and IP-Transit facilities. We have also worked together to bring greater capacity and throughput on our key business nodes.”  – Owen Rogers, Broadlink

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