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Mwesu Vunda discusses how WIOCC is transforming Zambia’s connectivity market by providing alternative options for greater network resilience

Mwesu Vunda recently joined WIOCC as Country Sales Manager for Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We speak to him about how WIOCC is helping clients take advantage of the opportunities arising as Zambia continues its evolution into a digital economy.

Q: Describe the connectivity market in Zambia.

The market is rapidly growing, driven by the global push towards digitisation.

Many Government departments, as well as businesses and organisations, are automating their systems, expanding their digital product portfolio and increasing their online content.

The majority of Zambia’s population have digital mobile devices, and some internet service providers (ISPs) give free access to social and entertainment online platforms.

It is clear that enterprise and end-user demand for content and connectivity will continue to grow as the economy evolves digitally.

To meet existing and expected capacity demands and to maximise uptime, ISPs, carriers, mobile network operators, cloud operators and content providers are increasingly seeking high-capacity connectivity solutions delivered over diverse, resilient networks.

Q: How is WIOCC helping its wholesale clients take advantage of the market opportunities?

WIOCC offers such businesses flexible, hyperscale connectivity solutions with options for greater network resilience to increase service reliability, giving them the assurance they need in scaling to meet the growing demand.


Our resilient, high-capacity Lusaka metro ring links to our national fibre network that extends to key points of presence (PoPs) at the borders of DRC, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Malawi for seamless cross-border connectivity into and out of Zambia.

We offer multiple backhaul options to Johannesburg for added network protection, and our national network in South Africa – combined with our strategic investments in subsea cables on the east and west coast of Africa – enables our clients to benefit from end-to-end connectivity to key business hubs within Africa and globally.

Q: What can clients expect from working with WIOCC?

Our reputation as Africa’s leading carriers’ carrier is built on a policy of long-term partnership. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and help them achieve their business objectives.

In addition, our clients enjoy the benefits of:

  • flexible commercial and bespoke technical solutions
  • dedicated account management
  • highly responsive Client Champions
  • access to WIOCC’s unique hyperscale network, which links Zambia to the rest of Africa and key business hubs around the world

If you are looking to extend your connectivity and capabilities into, within or out of Zambia, email us at

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