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Nikki Popoola discusses key WIOCC brand values: diversity and inclusivity

WIOCC’s Director Sales – West Africa, Nikki Popoola, is featured on Capacity Media’s blog, where she discusses the importance of diversity within the workplace.

Nikki suggests that for a company to be successful and reap the benefits of diversity, it should look closely at inclusive hiring and equitable rewards. She also shares her thoughts on the progress made by the wholesale telecoms industry regarding diversity and inclusivity, and how companies can support the individual needs of their employees to ensure continued business success.

“WIOCC has embraced cultural diversity in the workplace and established it as a brand value. This has created a positive work environment and led to very positive business outcomes.” She continued, “The support an employer provides should vary according to the specific needs of each employee. I am proud to say that is exactly how WIOCC works internally and with its clients, with whom we develop strong and individual, partnership-style relationships.”


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