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Simplifying Metro procurement, with an online feasibility and pricing tool

Telcos, mobile operators and internet service providers can now quickly and confidently provide customers with priced connectivity solutions following the introduction of WIOCC’s new, intuitive Metro feasibility and pricing tool.

The tool, which is accessible online to registered clients, provides complete visibility of WIOCC’s Metro network covering the greater Johannesburg area to enable 24x7x365 feasibility checking of potential network routes and confirmation of the associated costs.

Designed to help Sales, Commercial and Network Procurement teams rapidly check availability and pricing, the tool supports requests for single links as well as simplifying the analysis and pricing of bulk requirements. Both linear and protected solutions can be evaluated, including PoP-to-PoP, customer site-to-PoP and customer site-to-customer site configurations.

Extensive connectivity

WIOCC’s Johannesburg/Pretoria Metro provides access to more than 1,000km of Metro access fibre and has recently been upgraded to 100Gbps OTN-capability. WIOCC’s clients can also take advantage of OTN technology to cost-effectively configure wavelengths to carry different protocols – ethernet, SDH, IP – to end-users over a single service path.

Metro reach has recently been expanded into more cities and upgraded to 16Tbps-capable connectivity into key Data Centres. WIOCC’s connectivity services can be extended nationally – including a fibre ring in the North-East of the country – cross-border into Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and globally via WIOCC’s strategic investments in key subsea systems serving Africa.

More flexibility

WIOCC offers considerable flexibility to companies looking to provide customers with connectivity in South Africa:

  • hand-off options are not restricted to the most common terminations at Teraco Isando and IS Parklands. Instead, WIOCC offers connectivity at any of its eight Metro PoPs in Gauteng
  • WIOCC supports aggregation of multiple client circuits onto all links, facilitating more efficient and cost-effective service implementation
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