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Chris Wood

Group Chief Executive Officer

Chris leads the executive team responsible for all elements of the company’s global operations .

Ryan Sher

Group Chief Operations Officer

Ryan is responsible for global non-shareholder sales, developing and managing all product offerings, network operations, and procurement.

Samuel Ndungu

Group Chief Financial Officer

Samuel is responsible for the overall financial functions of WIOCC Group.

Darren Bedford

Group Chief Development Officer

Darren’s responsibilities include planning and implementing business development strategies and expanding WIOCC’s network.

James Wekesa

Group Chief Commercial Officer

James implements sales and marketing strategies while managing client relations across Africa.

Mike Last

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Mike oversees both Marketing and Business Development. He is also closely involved in the company’s running, including formulation of company strategy.

Joshua Smythwood

Group Chief M&A Officer

Joshua is a Seasoned Senior Leader with extensive experience in multinational Operators and Telecom Service Providers.

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