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New connectivity corridors extend business opportunities along South Africa’s southern coastline

Fleet-footed cloud operators, content providers, carriers, internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) are expanding their businesses along South Africa’s southern coastline, between Cape Town and Durban, following capacity wholesaler WIOCC’s recent addition of a further 30 Points of Presence (PoPs) along the 1,700km NLD5 and NLD6 coastal corridors.

Koos Myburgh, Head of Engineering at fast-growing South African ISP RSAWEB, commented: “By adding the NLD5 and NLD6 connectivity coastal corridors to their flexible, 16Tbps-ready hyperscale network in South Africa, WIOCC has made it possible for us to further expand our wholesale and enterprise customer business along the country’s southern coastline”.

He added: “Their bespoke connectivity solutions approach and ability to very quickly turn on new services for us, backed up by excellent technical support, helps us provide reliable, great value, high-capacity internet solutions to our customers”.

This latest network extension enables ISPs such as RSAWEB, MNOs, content providers and cloud operators to deliver their services more cost-effectively into a significant number of additional locations.

Also, the absence of aggregation restrictions allows these organisations to serve multiple end-users over a single connection.

Services available from WIOCC include high-quality Carrier IP Transit (IPT), point-to-point national connectivity, high-performance Metro Connect and open access colocation services in specific locations. In each case, solutions can be tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements and are backed by first-class support – which includes WIOCC’s highly-responsive Client Champions, who are available 24x7x365.

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