Submarine Network Cables

WIOCC’s network is a unique asset, bringing together strategic investments in 40,000km of submarine cable assets (comprising EASSy, EIG and WACS) – and capacity on other submarine cable systems – linking countries along Africa’s coastline and connecting to Europe and the rest of the world.


  • East Africa Submarine System
  • one of the largest submarine cables on Africa’s eastern seaboard
  • 2 fibre-pair configuration
  • design capacity of more than 10Tbps
  • WIOCC is the largest investor owning 28% of the capacity
EASSy Collapsed Ring

EASSy Collapsed Ring

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  • West Africa Cable System
  • largest submarine cable serving Sub-Saharan Africa
  • design capacity of 14.5Tbps
  • WIOCC made strategic investment extending its services reach
WIOCC WACS Collapsed Ring 17.6

WACS Basic Configuration


  • Europe India Gateway
  • connecting Africa’s northern seaboard to Europe
  • design capacity of 3.84Tbps
  • WIOCC made strategic investment to secure high-capacity connectivity
EIG Configuration

EIG Basic Configuration