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Bruce Ayonote – Chief Executive Officer, Suburban Fiber Company Limited and Legend Internet

WIOCC is a very valuable asset to the Suburban Fiber Company and our sister company Legend Internet. WIOCC enables us to provide our commercial (enterprise) and domestic (FTTH) customers in West Africa with competitively-priced, reliable, high-quality, ultra-high-speed access to the internet.

Our business relationship with WIOCC has evolved over the years and we now enjoy a valuable, more strategic, partnership-style approach with it. WIOCC really understands our businesses and the markets in which we operate, and has the willingness, capacity and agility to quickly adapt its services to meet our dynamic needs.


Giles Marshman – Director, Linteg Fibre

“Partnering with WIOCC has changed our business landscape forever. They’ve helped us grow our value proposition from a fibre infrastructure developer to a competitive backhaul connectivity provider. Their hyperscale network has brought us nearer to our end-customers’ locations, enabling us to cost-efficiently deliver multi-signal wavelengths and aggregate multiple customer services over one high-capacity, easily-scalable service path. With the fast-rising demand for content and connectivity, WIOCC provides the assurance of future-proofed capacity so we can comfortably continue growing our business.”

Duncan Greaves – Chief Executive Officer, TENET

“WIOCC has been our connectivity partner of choice for the last eight years. During this time, their continual investments in network infrastructure have increased capacity, enhanced redundancy and enabled adoption of the latest technologies, which has greatly improved our ability to support and deliver faster, more reliable internet services to our community. WIOCC’s diversity-rich, hyperscale network has been critical to us keeping our customers online throughout the coronavirus pandemic.”

Koos Myburgh – Head of Engineering, RSAWEB

“WIOCC’s bespoke connectivity solutions approach and their ability to very quickly turn on new services for us, backed up by excellent technical support, has helped us provide reliable, great value, high-capacity internet solutions to our wholesale and enterprise customers since 2018. By adding the NLD5 and NLD6 connectivity coastal corridors – which run between Cape Town and Durban – to their hyperscale network connectivity offering in South Africa, WIOCC has made it possible for us to further expand our business along the country’s southern coastline”.


Johnny Kayihura – Managing Director, TransAfrica

“WIOCC understands and meets our requirements. Today, we are one of the most stable providers in our region and this is because of the support WIOCC has offered our business.”