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WIOCC has created a single, seamless carrier-scale network which offers clients reliable and scalable direct connectivity to over 1,000 locations across 30 African countries – and many more globally.

Comprising strategic investments in multiple submarine cables and over 75,000km of terrestrial fibre-optic network, this unique infrastructure continues to be a key element in WIOCC’s success. Over the years, WIOCC has continued to invest in enhancing the reach, diversity and scale of this network to meet the evolving demands of its client base, in the process building a truly carrier-grade infrastructure to support its African wholesale operations. The extension of cost-effective connectivity into many landlocked countries across southern, eastern and West Africa via WIOCC’s network is contributing significantly to the ongoing growth in internet uptake.

If you are looking to extend your connectivity and capabilities into or within Africa, get in touch with us.

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