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Friday, July 10th, 2020

Scalable, multi-signal connectivity solutions delivered over our future-proofed, hyperscale network

We can now provide capacity in multiples of 100Gbps to clients wanting to carry multi-signal wavelengths – such as ethernet, SDH and IP – over a single service path, following the introduction of Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology into our future-proofed hyperscale network.

“With OTN technology in place, our clients can now efficiently and cost-effectively deliver different wavelengths to their end-users over one service path. The combination of our highly redundant, hyperscale network and our enhanced ability, thanks to OTN technology, to easily switch clients from one route to another (in case of service interruptions or network maintenance activities), gives them the assurance of continued high service availability,” explained Director, Networks – Jason Tutty.

He continued: “At WIOCC, we put our clients’ needs first; forward-planning our capacity and strategically extending network reach to meet their expected future demands. The introduction of OTN technology builds on our already-existing capabilities, addresses a growing demand from clients and complements our hyperscale strategy.”

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